upholstered chair in Korla fabric

  1. Chair Revival

    Chair Revival
    We love a 'before and after'. Like the TV programmes where you get your teeth whitened and a haircut and look 25 years younger.  Here's MC's fabulous revamp and revival of a chair that was need of some love and Korla style. The chair was found at Hock Siong (that treasure trove of 2nd hand stuff) and we upholstered it in our...
  2. Old Chair New Chair

    Old Chair New Chair
    Penelope in Noir looks fantastic on Jules' chair. We can advise how much fabric you might need to re-upholster a chair - just send a photo to info@korlahome.com
  3. Kids Haven

    Kids Haven
    Time to showcase the Blue House International's children's atelier. This is the most incredible playspace for kids that Korla has decorated, and now, (drum roll) it is open. YEY. We tried it out with the youngest two Korla Monsters this week, and loved every second. It's amazing to see a room of toddlers all  exploring and involved with a hum...
  4. Korla Dog

    Korla Dog
    We are on a dog mission. So many of our customers send cute photos of dogs on our fabric that we have decided to publish them. Got a Korla-loving mutt? Snap a photo and send it our way (info@korlahome.com)  
  5. Emma's Empire

    Emma's Empire
    Interior designer Emma Hann is a fan! She used Bhutan Lattice for some chic stools in this Hong Kong high rise living room. Hollywood Glam, we love it. Emma takes on projects in Hong Kong and Perth and can be reached at: emhannid@gmail.com
  6. Fred Lives Here

    Fred Lives Here
    It's like a Korla fabric peep show. Of sorts. There she is, all pretty, hiding in the foliage. Fred Lives Here's Egg Chair covered in Grand Bhutan Lattice - Mushroom.
  7. Korla @ Originals

    Korla @ Originals
    We nearly jumped for joy when we saw our Korla fabric made up into a stunning chair, cushions and cubes at Originals. We love their collection of reclaimed teak and original indian pieces and are mighty delighted that they love Korla. www.originals.com.sg  

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