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  1. Monochrome.

    It seems to be everywhere. And Men love it. We've been noticing the revival of black and white in interiors. It's a tribal, relaxed, mixy matchy black and white with spirit and soul. No 1980's shiny hard monochrome here, more an embracing of the power of contrasts.  The Korla take on this? We love it most with a pop of...
  2. Living Etc May Issue

    Living Etc May Issue
    A big thank you to Mary Weaver & Damon Syson at Living Etc for this great piece on Korla. Passion for Pattern...we couldn't agree more.  There was snow outside and we had to pretend like it was May. Not easy, but Alex James took great shots  and somehow made it all look light, colourful and summery despite the freezing weather...
  3. Korla is a dog's best friend

    Korla is a dog's best friend
    Working with animals....We did a photo shoot for our favourite interiors mag yesterday. It comes out in April but I'm not sure I can wait that long to see the shots.  Once again, Arnie the Korla dog, was working it for the camera. Posing on his favourite Korla prints and refusing to move out of shot for most of the...
  4. Living Etc - Kid's Rooms.

    Living Etc - Kid's Rooms.
    Living Etc kindly invited me to give tips about how to design a kids room. (Click here to see the article in full). Often, the only time a child's room is really 'done up' (I am 100% guilty of this) is when the baby first arrives. After that, 'decor' (can we call it that?) evolves and changes as the child...
  5. Living Etc Geometrics

    Living Etc Geometrics
    We loved Living Etc's (February 2013) feature on geometric prints, and are delighted to be included in their favourite swatches.  Our "Alhambra Stars" print is a great, versatile favourite - available in neutrals like Steel or Mushroom, or more exotic colours like canary and turqouise.

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