Geometric fabric prints

  1. Liberty Launch

    Liberty Launch
    Korla are thrilled to be joining the best of British designers on Liberty's 4th floor furnishing department! We have been given a designated area in the department to showcase our collection and make sure people know that we have arrived! Looks pretty cool right? The room set includes an Inkat Ink Blue chair and cushions in Kyoto Koi Steel (left) and Quadria...
  2. Monochrome Monday

    Monochrome Monday
    Monochrome is a great interior trend that never goes out of style and its versatility means you can always add new pieces. My best advice for black and white is that just because it's minimal colour, you don't have to follow the minimalist theme. Go for it and add lots of print and pattern, try mixing up different textures and...
  3. Jules' New Home

    Jules' New Home
    From a brand new condo in Singapore to a turn of the century London terraced house - can there be a seamless transition using the same furniture? What do you think? From this... To this... We chose softer colours for the sitting room, more blues and turquoises for the English light and to incorporate my bright turquoise lamps. These cool...
  4. Loving Korla!

    Loving Korla!
    We know it's cheesy to say we love our fans. But we do...and when we say it we feel a little bit like a rock star. We've been working flat out the last couple of weeks, and so a bit of customer feedback is like a big cyber pat on the back. Thank you for the kind words: Just received...

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