Decorating with Art

  1. Art @ Home....styling

    Art @ Home....styling
    We saw some great things at the Affordable art favourite? A stunning yellow painting by Jeremy Sharma (Scintilla (Summerwell) #1). It's gorgeous, wouldn't this make you feel happy whatever the weather? And, as this is an interiors blog.... how to decorate with Art: a few mood boards and room sets below to give an indication of how we would...
  2. Art @ Home – Getting Started

    Art @ Home – Getting Started
    We're getting excited for the opening of the Affordable Art Fair tonight. A few weekends back we caught up with our friend and gallerist Tolla Duke who runs Give Art Space . Give Art has a mission to make great art accessible, sounds a bit like our Korla mission with interiors. We talked to Tolla about how intimidated people can...

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