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  1. House and Garden

    House and Garden
    Oh boy were we thrilled when we opened October's issue of House and Garden and saw this fabulous feature with the stylish Avalon sofa covered in Korla's Grand Kyoto Koi in Warm Red with a funky modern British selection of Korla cushions. Cushions in Bhutan Lattice Cornflower Blue, Warm Red & Noir, And Grand Kyoto Koi in Cornflower Blue. will cover...
  2. Fabric. Furniture. Fun.

    Fabric. Furniture. Fun.
    It's been a year since we started chatting to the mad and wonderful Angie at Fred Lives Here (for previous blog posts see here) about covering her mid century modern furniture in Korla fabric.  A year of fun.  The chairs are all classics - 1950s & 60s chair design that has stood the test of time and are still as...
  3. N8 Nice.

    N8 Nice.
    Once upon a time there was a stylish girl from Ireland, who moved to Hong Kong, then to Singapore, and now to London.  Along the way she discovered Korla, and has made her new home in Crouch End a feast of lightness, fresh colour and interesting layered accesories. These Grand Bhutan Lattice Korla curtains in Angel Blue look fabulous mixed...
  4. Mix them match them

    Mix them match them
    More from a happy customer...a lovely mix of cushions on her very mid grey buttoned sofa. She has used our Eau colour in Bhutan Lattice and Sea Coral prints and Alhambra stars in grey to match the sofa.  The peaceful and calm colours are given some pzazz by the small geometric prints.  Country Korla! Thank you for the photos Claire.
  5. Art @ Home....styling

    Art @ Home....styling
    We saw some great things at the Affordable art favourite? A stunning yellow painting by Jeremy Sharma (Scintilla (Summerwell) #1). It's gorgeous, wouldn't this make you feel happy whatever the weather? And, as this is an interiors blog.... how to decorate with Art: a few mood boards and room sets below to give an indication of how we would...
  6. Bunny Turner's Beautiful House

    Bunny Turner's Beautiful House
    Bunny Turner's house is featured in this month's House and Garden magazine (on the cover no less...) and of course we are THRILLED that she chose some Korla lumbar cushions in Blue Bhutan Lattice for her guest bedroom. The ultimate compliment. Thank you Bunny! We love your home - especially the modernist cube kitchen/dining extension, such an elegant and simple contrast to the...
  7. Sunny Living

    Sunny Living
    Emily kindly sent us these photos of her sitting room. On her twin chairs she's used Kyoto Koi in Jean Blue, and on the Grey sofa and ottoman she has a mix of Bhutan Lattice (cornflower blue) and Phoenix Dusk.  Mixing and matching Korla style.
  8. Hann's House

    Hann's House
    Interior Designer Emma Hann sent us these photos of her new home in Perth. We are loving the mix and match with Florence Broadhurst's Japanese Floral (from Signature Prints Australia) and the reverse of our Bhutan Lattice Noir is in a very now Hound's tooth check.  Emma is at
  9. Red & black & a dog to match

    Red & black & a dog to match
    A chic sitting room of white sofas with black and cherry red accents. Contemporary classic.  We love the X frame stools in Bhutan Lattice Noir and matching lampshades mixed with Wings cherry cushions. And....a dog to add to our collection. Love Korla Mutts. (Thanks Emma for the photos of your lovely sitting room.)
  10. Boys love buses....

    Boys love buses....
    Don't ruin little boys' obsessions with buses by telling tales of waiting at rainy bus stops for the number 10 that never comes. Embrace the double decker and decorate with this retro take on London buses. Boys love 'em..... Emma mixed it with old school gingham which looks great - and it would be fabulous with our Bhutan Lattice in red...

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