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  1. Lonny Cover Shoot with Kelly Wearstler

    Lonny Cover Shoot with Kelly Wearstler
    Art for Art's Sake - More To Love: May 2013 Cover Shoot with Kelly Wearstler - Lonny. Ooh we love Kelly Wearstler. Ooh we love Lonny. Kelly Wearstler shoot for Lonny. Need we say more?
  2. Monochrome.

    It seems to be everywhere. And Men love it. We've been noticing the revival of black and white in interiors. It's a tribal, relaxed, mixy matchy black and white with spirit and soul. No 1980's shiny hard monochrome here, more an embracing of the power of contrasts.  The Korla take on this? We love it most with a pop of...
  3. Galapagos Designs

    Galapagos Designs
    We can't keep it secret any longer...ahead of Galapagos Design's upcoming launch they have been browsing vintage stores across Germany to find fabulous mid century originals which Lucy Mortimer snaps up, brings back to the UK and then re-upholsters in Korla fabric.      So, what do you get when you cross Korla material + Vintage chairs = ? Lucy's...
  4. The Spring Decorative Fair - Battersea, London

    The Spring Decorative Fair - Battersea, London
    What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than wondering around seriously beautiful antiques and planning what I will have in my house when I grow up! Todays obsession was chairs... I came across The Antique French Chair & Sofa Company, beautiful chairs that need some love...or some Korla-fying! One of our customers re-covered her old chair - And here...
  5. London Living

    London Living
    I went to visit this house near Portobello last week. The property was a shell when they bought it, with only the outer walls and the inner winding staircase remaining. A huge project. The only camera I had with me was my iphone (so apologies about these less than spectacular photos). Now I am itching to get back and shoot...
  6. Living Etc May Issue

    Living Etc May Issue
    A big thank you to Mary Weaver & Damon Syson at Living Etc for this great piece on Korla. Passion for Pattern...we couldn't agree more.  There was snow outside and we had to pretend like it was May. Not easy, but Alex James took great shots  and somehow made it all look light, colourful and summery despite the freezing weather...
  7. Summer Summer

    Summer Summer
    It's thrilling not to be wearing socks!  Lying in the garden all weekend I was thinking about how we should dress our homes like we dress ourselves. When the sun comes out and we store away the woolly jumpers and winter coats, couldn't we also get out the summer cushions for the sofa or even put a new blind on...
  8. Front Door

    Front Door
    The front door is painted. Thank you to Val and his team! After a sustained campaign for painting it pink from my 3 year old, or multicolour from my 5 year old, I was undecided. Non-committal answers from two other consulted parties (aged 1 & 36) were no help. A hasty decision was needed today as Val was hovering with...
  9. Cos it's Emerald.

    Cos it's Emerald.
    Goodbye Orange. Hello Emerald. Blame Pantone. Ever since they made me look at Emerald again (see blog post here), I can't stop.  With an eye out for the first green addition to my wardrobe for a long long time; I popped into Cos and found this Emerald Mesh necklace. A snip at £7. I bought two to twist and pile up...
  10. Sheerluxe Site of the Week.

    Sheerluxe Site of the Week.
    The beautiful website Sheerluxe is an online treat - they list something beautiful to spy and covet everyday. So, we are thrilled that they've listed Korla as their Site of the Week. Thank you to Sheerluxe from Korla.