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  1. Trunks

    Our Penelope Fabric, is an unknown tree. Named after the 60s model, Penelope Tree. I'm always wondering what tree it might be.
  2. Stripes

    Nautical stripes with a difference.  A scottish pier. We love greys: like our Star Stripe fabric below. I'm planning this print as roman blinds in a lemon yellow bedroom.
  3. Shellscape

    We've been playing with shells on the beach and developing this theme to go with our Sea Coral fabrics.  Shells. Rocks. Sand.... holidays.  
  4. Holiday Rain

    Holiday Rain
    It's my birthday, I'll cry if I want to... Who expects rain when they go on holiday? We stayed at the stunning Ban Sai Ree in Koh Samui. A Haven of antique rice barns, on it's own beach.

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