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  1. Living Etc - Kid's Rooms.

    Living Etc - Kid's Rooms.
    Living Etc kindly invited me to give tips about how to design a kids room. (Click here to see the article in full). Often, the only time a child's room is really 'done up' (I am 100% guilty of this) is when the baby first arrives. After that, 'decor' (can we call it that?) evolves and changes as the child...
  2. Lumitrix....

    Lumitrix has just launched, and we love it.  They sell limited edition posters of imagery by emerging photographers. And the website has a strong interiors wing to it; showing stylish pads around the world which have the artwork 'in situ' so we can virtually buy off the walls of these houses.   A perfect Valentine's day present.....anyone, anyone? At Korla...
  3. Front Door

    Front Door
    Today was a big occasion. After moving house and living with boxes of varying degrees of emptiness for over a month, this morning I took the last lot of cardboard to the dump.  Good Riddance. The house is Korla-fied (pictures will be posted soon) and now, time for a big decision. What colour should we paint our front door. It...
  4. Living Etc Geometrics

    Living Etc Geometrics
    We loved Living Etc's (February 2013) feature on geometric prints, and are delighted to be included in their favourite swatches.  Our "Alhambra Stars" print is a great, versatile favourite - available in neutrals like Steel or Mushroom, or more exotic colours like canary and turqouise.
  5. The Curiosity Project

    The Curiosity Project
    Super stylish Tiffany @ the Curiosity Project has featured us on her blog...ooh and we love that she calls Korla; 'Fashion Forward Fabric.' We've been trying to think of a tag line for Korla for ages.... Here's what they say about us: Korla Home - Fashion Forward Fabric What if you could choose from an extensive range of high quality...
  6. Mix them match them

    Mix them match them
    More from a happy customer...a lovely mix of cushions on her very mid grey buttoned sofa. She has used our Eau colour in Bhutan Lattice and Sea Coral prints and Alhambra stars in grey to match the sofa.  The peaceful and calm colours are given some pzazz by the small geometric prints.  Country Korla! Thank you for the photos Claire.
  7. Stripe Chairs

    Stripe Chairs
    A New Year's treat popped into our inbox: these chic chairs from a loyal customer, covered in Korla's Star Stripe fabric.  Classic Chic and kind of festive in a no-tinsel type of way.
  8. InDesign Live Article

    InDesign Live Article
    Thank you InDesignLive for this great article on Korla....
  9. We heart Orange.

    We heart Orange.
    We are still feeling it. Is it a fad? Is it a trend? Who knows. But we still love Orange. Or as we call it, "Ayers' Rock". And so does our lovely customer Kathryn. She bought this lumbar cushion in Ornge Korla Print and sent us this gorgeous shot. Why is it working? Well, for starters, it's orange (sorry, Ayres Rock...
  10. Kyoto Koi Tropicana

    Kyoto Koi Tropicana
    Look how lovely Kyoto Koi in mushroom looks made up into a central ottoman/pouffe. It works well with the marble floor, raffia chairs and hessian rug.

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