1. Bhutan Lattice Cushions

    Bhutan Lattice Cushions
    Love Lucy's sofa...and the feet!
  2. Fred Lives Here

    Fred Lives Here
    It's like a Korla fabric peep show. Of sorts. There she is, all pretty, hiding in the foliage. Fred Lives Here's Egg Chair covered in Grand Bhutan Lattice - Mushroom.
  3. Winged Windows

    Winged Windows
    At last, the kind of home we've been looking for our wings fabric to find. The gold print and duck egg blue walls are a traditional mix, the korla print lends a modern wink.  
  4. Miss Molly had a dolly....

    Miss Molly had a dolly....
    We are on holiday, in the UK, yey. And miraculously the sun has got his hat on.  First stop on our road trip was with Miss Molly who lives in a rural idyll with horses and tractors and trampolines to entertain them smalls for 2 days of blissful silence. Then back in the car for 6 hours at 1000 decibels...
  5. Korla @ Originals

    Korla @ Originals
    We nearly jumped for joy when we saw our Korla fabric made up into a stunning chair, cushions and cubes at Originals. We love their collection of reclaimed teak and original indian pieces and are mighty delighted that they love Korla. www.originals.com.sg  
  6. Spinning Swan

    Spinning Swan
    Here is our favourite chair from our collaboration with Fred Lives Here.  It just makes me want to sit and spin.....
  7. Oilcloth....for those monsters

    Oilcloth....for those monsters
    We've had a few queries about kid-proofing fabric. Scotch guard is an easy first step but if you want to turn our fabrics into oilcloth we found this great blog post on gorgeousshinythings. Can't wait to try it out.
  8. Zodiac Dinner

    Zodiac Dinner
    It's Chinese New Year. We were tempted to do a shoot with Rabbits sitting all over our fabric. The studio manager said NO.  So we put together a Red Chinese Zodiac table set that looks invitingly glamorous. Just don't serve Rabbit....
  9. Double Decker Buses

    It's the eternal Korla challenge for Children's rooms: can it be fantastic for kids without being twee? A print they might learn something from, without really noticing? Unisex? Can a toddler and a 14 year old like the same thing? My two oldest are loving their alphabet bus room. Hope (2) has nailed the difference between a red and blue...
  10. Lost in Lace

    Wow. The Lost in Lace exhibition in Birmingham (Gas Hall, BMAG) is beautiful.... watch this space for our printed cotton voiles - a Korla take on the lace curtain.  This work is by Annie Bascoul.

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