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  1. Happy Customers!

    Happy Customers!
    We love nothing more than to hear great feedback about our fabrics and see how they have been used in our customer's homes. If you're looking for some inspiration you have come to the right place. Have a peek at some of the many ways you can use our fabrics... courtesy of our happy customers!
  2. Great Feedback

    Great Feedback
    We just received some lovely feedback from Tina, in Scotland, who emailed us saying, "Just to let you know the blind has arrived and I am thrilled with it. My husband is going to put it up this afternoon, it fits perfectly thank you."
  3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...another happy customer

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...another happy customer
    We've been sent this photo of Korla curtains in Alhambra Stars Angel Blue by a happy Mrs T. who has been decorating a nursery ahead of her new arrival... they look lovely and we hope the new resident likes them too. Mrs T ordered the curtains before they actually moved into their new house. There were no curtain tracks or...
  4. Loving Korla!

    Loving Korla!
    We know it's cheesy to say we love our fans. But we do...and when we say it we feel a little bit like a rock star. We've been working flat out the last couple of weeks, and so a bit of customer feedback is like a big cyber pat on the back. Thank you for the kind words: Just received...
  5. Beautifully made....

    Beautifully made....
    Receiving good feedback from happy customers makes the Korla team smile. A Mrs T from Chiswick ordered some blinds from us and had this to say! I LOVE my new blinds, they are beautifully made in glorious fabrics... I love them so much I've ordered 4 more blinds today!  Brilliant service, I will recommend you to everyone. PS: my handy-man...
  6. N8 Nice.

    N8 Nice.
    Once upon a time there was a stylish girl from Ireland, who moved to Hong Kong, then to Singapore, and now to London.  Along the way she discovered Korla, and has made her new home in Crouch End a feast of lightness, fresh colour and interesting layered accesories. These Grand Bhutan Lattice Korla curtains in Angel Blue look fabulous mixed...
  7. Mix them match them

    Mix them match them
    More from a happy customer...a lovely mix of cushions on her very mid grey buttoned sofa. She has used our Eau colour in Bhutan Lattice and Sea Coral prints and Alhambra stars in grey to match the sofa.  The peaceful and calm colours are given some pzazz by the small geometric prints.  Country Korla! Thank you for the photos Claire.
  8. Stripe Chairs

    Stripe Chairs
    A New Year's treat popped into our inbox: these chic chairs from a loyal customer, covered in Korla's Star Stripe fabric.  Classic Chic and kind of festive in a no-tinsel type of way.
  9. We heart Orange.

    We heart Orange.
    We are still feeling it. Is it a fad? Is it a trend? Who knows. But we still love Orange. Or as we call it, "Ayers' Rock". And so does our lovely customer Kathryn. She bought this lumbar cushion in Ornge Korla Print and sent us this gorgeous shot. Why is it working? Well, for starters, it's orange (sorry, Ayres Rock...
  10. Kyoto Koi Tropicana

    Kyoto Koi Tropicana
    Look how lovely Kyoto Koi in mushroom looks made up into a central ottoman/pouffe. It works well with the marble floor, raffia chairs and hessian rug.

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