Korla’s new collection is based around an archive print called ‘Inca’. The original artwork was inspired by pre-Columbian textile and pottery, and is from an interpretation drawn in 1953. The contemporary designs we have built around this vintage pattern have been inspired by traditional Peruvian loom weaves and Mexican colours.


'Vida', 'Grand Vida' & 'Lluvia' in Lost Teal


Grand Vida (life) leads the collection as a contemporary interpretation of an Aztec pyramid. The design is influenced by an archive piece from 1951. The artwork captures the hand-drawn nuances of the original, both in terms of the brush-strokes and irregularities of the drawn edges.

‘Perdio’ (lost) is a watercolour design of a rhythmic triangular mosaic. ‘Lluvia’ recalls the dense, cooling, equatorial rain in which these mysteries hide.


'Perdio' and 'Inca' in Orange


'Inca', 'Lluvia' and 'Perdio' in Lemon Yellow


Sun faded colours of Mexican vigour permeate the collection: barragan pinks, lemons and oranges from citrus groves, lost cities with their greys and moss greens, Pacific islands with stoney sands and aqua seas. The colours reflect a softer and useable palette, and designs are printed on a textured linen union.


'Vida' Barragan Pink