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  1. Princess in Pocket Venus

    Princess in Pocket Venus
    Yeons ago, when I was Jane Troughton,  before kids and marriage made me change my name and grow old, I had a business called Pocket Venus. We made beautiful dresses and were stocked at boutiques and department stores from Austique to Selfridges.  It has been great to see Kate Middleton (sorry, The Ducchess of Cambridge) wearing my designs - again...
  2. Double Decker Buses

    It's the eternal Korla challenge for Children's rooms: can it be fantastic for kids without being twee? A print they might learn something from, without really noticing? Unisex? Can a toddler and a 14 year old like the same thing? My two oldest are loving their alphabet bus room. Hope (2) has nailed the difference between a red and blue...
  3. Oooooh Cocktails

    Korla has launched. Baby #3 is nearly 6 months old. Ted tells me it's time to celebrate. Heels were donned, singapore mould was dusted off my clutch and we skipped off to so-cool so-secret so-delicious 28 Hong Kong St. It's secret, and hard to find, and very 'behind the curtain'. Well, with Curtains being our bread & butter, I couldn't...
  4. Lost in Lace

    Wow. The Lost in Lace exhibition in Birmingham (Gas Hall, BMAG) is beautiful.... watch this space for our printed cotton voiles - a Korla take on the lace curtain.  This work is by Annie Bascoul.
  5. Trunks

    Our Penelope Fabric, is an unknown tree. Named after the 60s model, Penelope Tree. I'm always wondering what tree it might be.
  6. Stripes

    Nautical stripes with a difference.  A scottish pier. We love greys: like our Star Stripe fabric below. I'm planning this print as roman blinds in a lemon yellow bedroom.

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