1. Fabric. Furniture. Fun.

    It's been a year since we started chatting to the mad and wonderful Angie at Fred Lives Here (for previous blog posts see here) about covering her mid century modern furniture in Korla fabric.  A year of fun.  The chairs are all classics - 1950s & 60s chair design that has stood the test of time and are still as...
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    Fabric. Furniture. Fun.
  2. N8 Nice.

    Once upon a time there was a stylish girl from Ireland, who moved to Hong Kong, then to Singapore, and now to London.  Along the way she discovered Korla, and has made her new home in Crouch End a feast of lightness, fresh colour and interesting layered accesories. These Grand Bhutan Lattice Korla curtains in Angel Blue look fabulous mixed...
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    N8 Nice.
  3. Sunny Living

    Emily kindly sent us these photos of her sitting room. On her twin chairs she's used Kyoto Koi in Jean Blue, and on the Grey sofa and ottoman she has a mix of Bhutan Lattice (cornflower blue) and Phoenix Dusk.  Mixing and matching Korla style.
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    Sunny Living
  4. Teenage Dreams....

    If pink is your thing, and you want a girly escape pad away from pesky parents (I HATE you mum, EVERYONE is going to that party, I wish I was Katy Perry etc etc etc). Curtains in Phoenix - Noon with bed in Kyoto Koi - Fuschia. (Click on the fabric names to link to the page on our main...
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    Teenage Dreams....
  5. Shoot!

    We’ve spent two weekends hanging curtains, moving furniture, and fluffing cushions while shooting photos for the upcoming website. The shoot has taken place across four locations in Singapore – two houses and two condominiums that were graciously lent to us by partners and friends.  It’s been a very busy month, but we’re excited with the results. All of this has...
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