1. Tulip Fields

    Beautiful and tactile, I can't stop looking at these images of tulip fields in the Netherlands posted by blog thisiscolossal.  Of course, in this year of Korla loving Orange,  we focused in on this one. French photographer, Normann Szkop flew over the tulip fields in Anna Paulowna, a town in Northern Holland, in a Cesna with pilot Claython Pender to...
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    Tulip Fields
  2. Fabric. Furniture. Fun.

    It's been a year since we started chatting to the mad and wonderful Angie at Fred Lives Here (for previous blog posts see here) about covering her mid century modern furniture in Korla fabric.  A year of fun.  The chairs are all classics - 1950s & 60s chair design that has stood the test of time and are still as...
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    Fabric. Furniture. Fun.
  3. Korla is a dog's best friend

    Working with animals....We did a photo shoot for our favourite interiors mag yesterday. It comes out in April but I'm not sure I can wait that long to see the shots.  Once again, Arnie the Korla dog, was working it for the camera. Posing on his favourite Korla prints and refusing to move out of shot for most of the...
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    Korla is a dog's best friend
  4. N8 Nice.

    Once upon a time there was a stylish girl from Ireland, who moved to Hong Kong, then to Singapore, and now to London.  Along the way she discovered Korla, and has made her new home in Crouch End a feast of lightness, fresh colour and interesting layered accesories. These Grand Bhutan Lattice Korla curtains in Angel Blue look fabulous mixed...
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    N8 Nice.
  5. Persimmon Cubes

    There is something so retro but so modern about a Cubes pattern.  We love the dramatic Green, moorish Blues and Regal Purple cubes designs in our collection but the steel colourway is the easy go-to for giving your room a bit of geometric pzazz while maintaining a calm monochrome palette. It looks great livened up with a pop of colour...
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    Persimmon Cubes
  6. Living Etc - Kid's Rooms.

    Living Etc kindly invited me to give tips about how to design a kids room. (Click here to see the article in full). Often, the only time a child's room is really 'done up' (I am 100% guilty of this) is when the baby first arrives. After that, 'decor' (can we call it that?) evolves and changes as the child...
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    Living Etc - Kid's Rooms.

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