1. Kyoto Koi Tropicana

    Look how lovely Kyoto Koi in mushroom looks made up into a central ottoman/pouffe. It works well with the marble floor, raffia chairs and hessian rug.
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    Kyoto Koi Tropicana
  2. Art @ Home....styling

    We saw some great things at the Affordable art fair....my favourite? A stunning yellow painting by Jeremy Sharma (Scintilla (Summerwell) #1). It's gorgeous, wouldn't this make you feel happy whatever the weather? And, as this is an interiors blog.... how to decorate with Art: a few mood boards and room sets below to give an indication of how we would...
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    Art @ Home....styling
  3. Art @ Home – Getting Started

    We're getting excited for the opening of the Affordable Art Fair tonight. A few weekends back we caught up with our friend and gallerist Tolla Duke who runs Give Art Space . Give Art has a mission to make great art accessible, sounds a bit like our Korla mission with interiors. We talked to Tolla about how intimidated people can...
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    Art @ Home – Getting Started
  4. Bunny Turner's Beautiful House

    Bunny Turner's house is featured in this month's House and Garden magazine (on the cover no less...) and of course we are THRILLED that she chose some Korla lumbar cushions in Blue Bhutan Lattice for her guest bedroom. The ultimate compliment. Thank you Bunny! We love your home - especially the modernist cube kitchen/dining extension, such an elegant and simple contrast to the...
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    Bunny Turner's Beautiful House
  5. Korla Hearts vintage furniture stores

    UPCYCLE is today's mantra. We thought we were onto a good thing, and indeed we were, but we weren't sure we were ready to share it with the world. But a posting by those ever-clever Honeycombers and with loads of followers on Facebook…we'd be kidding ourselves to think it's our little secret. Hock Siong & Co is every thing they're cracked...
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    Korla Hearts vintage furniture stores
  6. White Brick Walls

    There is something about white brick walls that is pleasing. Contemporary yet retro, calming but colourful, chic but not precious. Liveable. All are top priorities for Korla designs.  How delighted we were, therefore, to find ourselves mentioned in a blog, called, (can you guess?....) White.Brick.Walls The blog is about all things designy that make WS happy.  Our cushions did, in their...
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    White Brick Walls
  7. Chair Revival

    We love a 'before and after'. Like the TV programmes where you get your teeth whitened and a haircut and look 25 years younger.  Here's MC's fabulous revamp and revival of a chair that was need of some love and Korla style. The chair was found at Hock Siong (that treasure trove of 2nd hand stuff) and we upholstered it in our...
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    Chair Revival
  8. Sunny Living

    Emily kindly sent us these photos of her sitting room. On her twin chairs she's used Kyoto Koi in Jean Blue, and on the Grey sofa and ottoman she has a mix of Bhutan Lattice (cornflower blue) and Phoenix Dusk.  Mixing and matching Korla style.
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    Sunny Living

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